Welcome to PALMS

Productive Agricultural Linkages and Marketing Systems (PALMS) is an innovative model that connects people especially female farmers and the youth to technology and finance for their empowerment.

Nine out of 14 million women farmers in Ghana have been using obsolete methods for agricultural production, resulting in low harvest yields. PALMS has been able to break this cycle and increase agricultural production by facilitating greater participation in women’s groups and farmer associations, and providing access to secure machinery and loan facilities. Additionally, many women fear technology because gender norms and time poverty have traditionally prevented them from being active technology users. PALMS helps women become more comfortable using, repairing, and experimenting with new technology. We hope to create an environment where women will ultimately design their own technologies for agriculture production.

The program ensures that appropriate technology is made available to farmers in four key stages of moringa, vegetable and fruit supply chain.

Nursery: Training and Production of disease suppressing compost, budded/grafted seedlings and organic fertilizer.

Plantation: Mechanized farming, drip irrigation, plant growth hormones, training in the use of tractors and other agricultural machinery and equipment.

Production: Use of mechanical driers, solar driers, biomass driers and small scale processing machines powered by biodiesel and biogas and training in production of biodiesel and biogas.

Marketing: Web based marketing systems and air conditioned vans for transport of inputs and outputs.

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